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gakked from quite a few people:

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The bottom line: 131. Not bad, I'll need to hunt down some of the ones I'm missing. Only some though, there's some real dross on that list amongst the gold.

trolling for players

Last call for players wanting to join in with the awesomeness that is Dominatus Lacuna Imperium 08/09

A turn based game of space empires, blending roleplay, strategy and wargaming, Dominatus offers a unique gaming experience.

The deadline for registering your empire is 2300GMT friday 31st october, so only a couple of days left to get in on the act. The game should start fairly soon after that.

For those of you who've already had your ears dinned on this subject, well, this'll be my last post about it until next year.

And while I remember...

Attention anyone who likes wargames and/or strategy games, computer games, roleplaying games, or possibly some combination of the above.

A guy I know has created a one turn a week, all human players, space empire game for windows PCs.

It's a roleplaying game, since you choose who your leader character is and set the style and founding virtues of your empire, as well as conducting diplomacy with other empires via in-game email and also writing articles for FTL News, the in-game paper, read by your citizens. And theirs...

It's a civilisation game, as you build and nurture an empire, developing infrastructure and economy, managing taxation and production rates, as well as researching a bewildering array of technology.

It's a wargame, as you design your own warships, incorporating the best technology your empire has to offer, and send your fleets out to conquer new worlds, blockading systems, battling your enemies and assaulting planets with marine forces.

It's called Dominatus Lacuna Imperium.

The main website

This page has the I Wanna button

I'm so hooked on this game. Many of you may have already heard me rant about it over the last year or so. The next run is starting late october/early november, taking players onto the start list now.


Oh dear God\ess!

I shouldn't be allowed noear the net when I'm inebriated. I just signed up to Hoffspace, the David Hasselhoff social networking site. Apparently Scott Mills has been plugging it on Radio 1, my mate told me about it and his laptop's in front of me, so damn it, I now have HoffSpace. Tee hee.

Go on, you know you want to!
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I can haz job!

Well, I got a job.

Only at the petrol station down the road, but it's better than nothing. I walked in and overheard the staff worrying about covering shifts on monday, asked if they needed staff, they phoned me on tuesday, I started on wednesday. I worked 12 hours today. Many brownie points with the boss.

It's only a stop-gap measure, but I suddenly feel much better. Weird. I'm clearly being steered by teh force again.
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Eli Sigismund's Casebook

In the dark future of the 41st millenium it is the duty of the Imperial Inquisition to guard mankind against the works of traitors, heretics and worse.

Travelling aboard a civilian starship, our party of Inquisitorial Acolytes have been asked to investigate a murder...

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Fictionish - Eli Sigismund's Casebook

I recently started playing Dark Heresy, the new Warhammer 40k tabletop roleplaying game. In a dystopian future the Imperium Of Man holds sway over a vast portion of our galaxy, but is beset by numerous threats from aliens, daemons, traitors and heretics. The Imperial Inquisition has the thankless task of rooting out these threats for the protection of mankind.

Player characters in Dark Heresy form cells of Acolytes, employees of an Inquisitor, usually investigating and operating independently, although ultimately reporting to their master.

What follows is an extract from the journal of my character, Trooper Eli Sigismund of the Adeptus Arbites (a law-enforcement organisation with broad remit, something like a galactic FBI crossed with MegaCity Judges).

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